View Full Version : Any information on Navitar LF lense ?

Phil Humphreys
29-Oct-2001, 23:51
Hi , I bought an old Calumat 4X5 monorail from a camera fair here in the UK. The lense on it looks new and unused with no signs of any wear on the op tics , aperture/shutter markings and all shutter speeds even the slow ones are o .k.

Can anyone give me any details (no. of elements , coatings etc) . The lens is marked:-

D.O.Industries 150mm F/5.6 T Navitar and is in a Copal-N 0.0 shutter.

This is my first venture into 4X5 and it would be nice to know whether this lense is bad , o.k. or good !

Thanks in advance ,

Phil Humphreys

Ted Harris
30-Oct-2001, 07:02

Hopefully Kerry Thalmann will read this thread as he has more info than anyone eles I know. Navitar (formerly named D. O. Industries) has been in the optical business for many years. Atrip to their web site will show you what they are up to these days. During a oeriod of time in the 1970's - 1980's they were the US importer of Fujinon lenses. They also manufactured some lenses of their own I believe. My recollection is that the Fujinon lenses were mared and marked as Fujinon products but they may have resold some some fujinon products as D. O. Industries lenses. Again Kerry will need to jump in and expand and/or correct me .. but here is a start.