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19-Sep-2001, 14:12
I'm going to try Koday Xtol dev. for T-Max 100 film (8x10) using Jobo processor and would like to know a starting point for the process to get a moderate negtive. (Temp, dilution, agitaion and some other tips) I'm sure everyone has different fomulas and ways of process, but any info. on this Dev.(Shelf life) and the process (T-max film and Xtol using rotary processor ) will be greatly appreciated!! thanks in a dvance riichi

mike kwiatkowski
20-Sep-2001, 00:18
I use a Jobo cpp2...

I mix the developer with distilled water. Make sure part a is completely dissolved before adding/mixing part b...

Using the 3010 drum, I dilute 1:1, 70 degrees, speed f. My asa is 164.

normal development- 8 min 20 sec (start the clock when you begin pouring)

n+1 9:20 n-1 7:30

This gives me a range of about .12 at zone 1 to 1.35 at zone 8

William Marderness
20-Sep-2001, 15:11
I experimented with X-tol a lot. I found I had to calibrate my system for each batch of X-tol, since the batches were variable. I used distilled water and a Jobo, so the problem was not my technique, as Kodak told me. Since I started mixing my own chemicals, I have had consistent results.

My advice: Don't waste your time with X-tol.