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22-Jun-2009, 19:48
I am a proud new owner/caretaker of a Kodak Master Camera 8x10. Stamped on the inside of the bed under the extension slides near the ground glass end of the camera is the number 1967. I would logically think that was the date of manufacture. Logic has gotten me into more trouble than I care to recount. I was under the impression that Kodak made these cameras in the 40's and 50's but real info is pretty sketchy here and at other sites. The camera is in beautiful condition - it's only issue is a split leather covering on the carry handle. Is it possible that this camera was made in 1967? There are no other numbers. Is the number just a serial # with a coincidental resemblance to a mid 20th century date? I'm aware of the code Kodak used with the serial #'s on their Ektar lenses but have seen nothing pertaining to their cameras. Any insight from the forum would be welcome.

22-Jun-2009, 20:24
The number stamped on mine is in the 13xx range - it's a serial number.

Mark Sampson
23-Jun-2009, 04:25
Hmm. Here's some speculation. I believe the KMV was introduced after WWII and produced through the 1950s; my Kodak handbook of studio lighting from '59 shows one in several photographs. EK gave up making Commercial Ektars in the mid-60s, the newest one I've ever seen was made in 1966. So that could be a reasonable date for the end of production. Kodak gave their patent archiive to the George Eastman House almost 20 years ago, the records might survive there. I believe Todd Gustavsson is the technology curator there; he might know for sure.

11-Sep-2009, 02:01
My KMV n is 1953. It would be interesting to have access to EK archives to have more information about the manufacturing years.

Mark Sampson
11-Sep-2009, 05:20
As I said above, the Eastman House museum should have the archives. Contact Todd Gustavson there. (If I had time, I'd go over there and do the research myself.)