View Full Version : Dyeing bellows black?

David Williams
22-Jun-2009, 17:30
I'm getting a black version of the Calumet CC-401 with a badly damaged bellows. I've posted on the wanted forum looking for a black bellows someone might have but I got to thinking, could I dye or paint a gray bellows which I already have? Any ideas on dyeing bellows? I don't think they are real leather, but rather some sore of leatherette.


Rafael Garcia
22-Jun-2009, 17:35
Can't say how it will affect them, but there is a vinyl/pvc spray paint sold at Home Depot, and possibly other hardware stores. It's either Rust Oleum or Krylon brand.

23-Jun-2009, 01:54
First you have to know what kind of material the bellows is made from.
(Sorry I am not familiar with your camera)
If it's leather you could use a leatherdye sold at shoe-shops.
If it's synthetic material leave it as is as long is has no lightleaks or replace if the sight of it bothers you too much.