View Full Version : Joel Meyerowitz on NPR

Kevin Kemner
28-Oct-2001, 11:50
If you didn't have an opportunity to hear the Joel Meyerowitz interview on NPR i s archived at this location.


Go to the archived shows and find October 23, 2001. Mr. Meyerowitz was completi ng work this past summer on a 15 year project to photograph the World Trade Cent er. He has, since the September 11th attack, been photographing the site with a n 8x10 Deardorff. He speaks eloquently about his work on a long term project an d his current effort to document the scene.

Ellis Vener
28-Oct-2001, 14:42
It really is a terrific interview wit ha very articulate photographer who is as poetic with his language as he is with lgiht and film. He is also very clear about a.) why he photographs. b.) why he loves 8x10. c.) how he goes about a project. d.) his passionate belief in the ability of photography to simultaneous explore, document, and express emotional & psychological content without getting away from the pure narrative and descriptive power of what he puts in front of his camera. e.) the quaities of light.

Jim Chinn
28-Oct-2001, 20:41
If the interview I heard was the same one it was on Fresh Air with Terri Gross. It really was an exceptional interview as Meyerowitz presented incredible details of what the scene was just 10 days after the attack. I was especially moved by his candor about his fascination with the destruction and the magnitude of the devastation. He plans on contributing the body of work to the city of New York. It was also interesting when asked about the use of the "old camera" his response was that no other medium could provide the impact, detail and clarity as an 8x10 negative.