View Full Version : Bausch & Lomb 5x7 Tessar

21-Jun-2009, 21:51
Only info I found on it was under B&L 5x7 Tessar section

This one specifically

Speed Graphic has a focal plane shutter? Shouldnt need to replace the shutter then on that :)

Anyway I bought it since it was inexpensive, and looked like I could steampunk my camera up with some old world charm with it :)

Anyone have more info on it?

22-Jun-2009, 07:56
Yep, you can't go wrong with a B&L lens for $16! They were under license to Zeiss to make the IC and IIB designs in the early years. It's a nice little lens.

22-Jun-2009, 08:36
Optically it should be similar to a comparative Zeiss Jena Tessar ofb the same focal length & vintage.

Zeiss licensed the manufacture to other companies outside Germany, this included B&L for the US and Ross in London for the UK and then British Empire.

Tessar's don't begin to give good edge & corner sharpness until stopped down to at least f16 and the recommended aperture for optimal performance is f22.


Petzval Paul
22-Jun-2009, 08:57
I have a slightly later version of that lens. It's very good and has great coverage. You can use it on 8x10 without movements, so it works better on whole-plate. Corner-to-corner sharpness isn't great, but if that were your concern, you might have to spend a bit more than $16.00!