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Allen in Montreal
21-Jun-2009, 18:04
Like an on going saga, I have a Pyro ABC kit (part A and B) that must date back to the early 1990s, unopened. I use to like this stuff but stopped using it when the paper shut down the darkroom.

Do I dare mix this up or is it long since scrap?


Paul Metcalf
21-Jun-2009, 21:33
Mix it and try it on a test negative. I bet it's ok. The B part (sodium metaborate IIRC) may have settled out (white solid stuff on the bottom of the bottle). Heat it up a bit (put the container in a tub of hot water) and then shake it up, most of the solid will go back into solution, what doesn't doesn't matter. The A part (which contains the pyrogallol) usually reaches a point of max oxidation when in a sealed container and then doesn't oxidize anymore, but is still quite and sufficiently active.

Allen in Montreal
22-Jun-2009, 05:06
Thank you Paul, I will shoot some test and process them this week.
My concern was the age may lead to some god awful reaction when I mixed that might stink me out of the darkroom for a week. :)

Michael Kadillak
22-Jun-2009, 05:25
The chemistry in all probability has been packaged well and is very usable.

As is always the case with pyro or pyrocat, there are several rules of thumb that must be taken very seriously. First is to mix it either outside or under a vented hood - both situation while wearing a small breathing mask with a cartridge filter that are sold at hardware stores (such as the 3M). The second requirement is to always wear nitrile gloves when using it. ABC is mostly used in trays for developing sheet film. Once it is mixed it can still be dangerous when absorbed through the skin. Don;t let this discourage you because the results are worth the inconvenience of being cautious.

Great developer that has stood the test of time and continues to garner interest even after all of these years of advances of modern developers.