View Full Version : Ground glass for Calumet

17-Sep-2001, 19:20
Hi all -

I broke the gridded ground glass on my 8x10 Calumet back. I'll check the Calumet website for a replacement, but wondered if the list had suggestions for new gla ss that might be less expensive or more creative?

Thanks in advance - Bill

Doug Paramore
17-Sep-2001, 21:16
Bill: Midwest Photo Exchange used to carry ground glass for view cameras. You might check their web site.


Charlie Stracl
17-Sep-2001, 21:52
If it's the old C-1 camera, I think Calumet's price is hard to beat. For the newer version, though, it was a little pricey when I had to replace mine.


Sean Yates
17-Sep-2001, 22:24
Steve Shuart charged me $25.00 for my plain g.g. replacement for a Calumet C-1

Dave Benfer
18-Sep-2001, 00:21
I have the same camera and I broke the gridded GG. I bought one from Calumet, but I have since, purchased 2 from eBay. (cheap)

Dave Willison
18-Sep-2001, 09:52

If you break alot of glass or are inclined towards DIY, take a look at the following web page. This site discusses how to grind your own glass.

http://rhoadescameras.bizland.com/Camera%20Creation/Ground%20Glass/gro und_glass.htm

If you need a quick (and cheap) replacement, you can use plexiglass and some sandpaper. Plexiglass is more durable although it is somewhat more difficult to focus and somewhat less translucent when sanded. A random orbit sander is useful for sanding random patterns although you can use hand sanding. Plexiglass is easy to cut using a draw tool available from most hardware stores and home centers for less that $5.