View Full Version : Toyo 45AII to Toyo 45CG Adapter Lens Board Selection

Andre Noble
28-Oct-2001, 06:41
I am using the 72XL and 90/f8 wide angle lenses each with the Toyo 12.5mm reces sed 110mm square boards and also a 210/5.6 on the flat 110mm square lens board o n my Toyo 45AII field camera.

I would like to use these lenses interchangeably on my 45C without the hassle of removing them from the lens boards listed just to mount them on the 158mm squar elens board my Toyo 45C uses.

Therefore I would like to get just one of the two types of adapter lens board To yo makes for this purpose. I wish this choice to work with all three lenses as mounted above witout restriction, if possible. The two types of converter board s I am refering to are the recessed or flat converter type.

My first guess is that the recessed type converter (ie, the 158mm board that is fully recessed and couples with one of the smaller 110mm board)is more versatile , but I wonder if the 12.5mm recess from the 110mm square lens boards I am alrea dy using with the 45AII, added to the 38mm? or so recess of the 158mm converter board is somehow going to then recess the wide angle lenses so much to either ca use vignetting with the front standards of the 45C or possibly to put the rear e lement of the wide angle lenses too close to the ground glass? (Not having any e xperience of using a wide angle with bag bellows on a momorail, the latter may b e a universal concern - I don't know.

So my question is: With these considerations, which 110mm to 158mm Toyo converte r lens board do you recommend, either the flat one or recessed one? Thanks very much for your help. Andre