View Full Version : 105 4.5 Anaston - What a pleasant surprise!

19-Jun-2009, 05:19
So my bellows have leaked for the last time on my Kodak Tourist, and I have removed the lens and shutter and mounted it on a Calumet cc400 board for use on my wide angle cc402 camera.

This little sucker is so sweet (I've found out that the 105mm 4.5 Anaston is not a triplet lens, but actually a Tessar) and so very very sharp! When using bellows focusing to just shy of infinity (instead of using the focusing ring), the coverage is good at 4x5 in square format (4x4) when the focusing ring is set to infinity. If one were to say, set the focusing ring to 3 feet, and then focus using the bellows, the image has a softer border and a vignette.

The Kodak Flash shutter is very robust and accurate too!

So considering the $29 I spent on the Tourist, I would say that it was money well spent.

19-Jun-2009, 05:46
I have Tourists with both the Anaston and Anastigmat. I bought both as 'users' and agree the Anaston is a nice lens. I calibrated my focus with a microscope slide on the film rails. Used on a tripod with f16 and accurate focus, it is really nice.