View Full Version : 210mm lens for Toyo 45AII

17-Jun-2009, 14:59
I just purchased a Toyo 45AII and a copal #1 lens board.
Now I need a 210mm lens.
What lens do you guys recommend that fits the lens board?
Thank you very much!

Gem Singer
17-Jun-2009, 15:24
Don't rule out a 180.

When I owned a Toyo AII, my lenses were 90, 135, 180, 300 (Nikkor 300M).

Notice, no 150, and no 210, but the range of focal lengths from 90-300 was more than adequate.

BTW, I used a recessed lens board for the 90. Still have it, if you are interested in a 90, mounted on a Toyo field recessed lens board, let me know.

Peter De Smidt
17-Jun-2009, 16:55
Any 5.6 plasmat should fit. I have a Fujinon 210w which I use on a Toyo AX, but the Schneider Symmars, Rodenstock, Nikon....lenses should all be great. 210mm lenses are pretty standard lenses that seem fairly easy to make. A used lens in great shape will be a much better value than a new lens.

Eric Brody
17-Jun-2009, 16:56
When I got my 45A in 1982, I got a 210 Fuji. For a number of years it was my only 4x5 lens, I learned a lot about it and large format photography. I still have it today and use it often despite the purchase of a number of other lenses. I've never felt the need to replace it. Basically though, any of the modern 210 f/5.6's from Fuji, Schneider, Rodenstock, or Nikon will make superb images and will almost certainly fit the standard Toyo Field lens board with a Copal 1 opening.

Good luck and have fun.


17-Jun-2009, 17:28
Agree with the above. I have a late model Caltar that I bought new from Calumet and it is a fine lens with tons of coverage.

A lighter option is the Nikkor M 200mm lens but it does not have as much coverage.

Peter De Smidt
17-Jun-2009, 17:41
A 203 Ektar is also a nice lens, although the shutters aren't all that great.

17-Jun-2009, 18:39
IMO the best conbination of sharpness and price would be a Multicoated Symmar-S.

Ron Marshall
17-Jun-2009, 19:47
Any of the modern multicoated plasmats will do fine. I have the Caltar II-N branded version of the Rodenstock Sironar-N. The Caltar branded ones are usually are cheaper.

Check KEH Camera brokers for an idea of current prices. Their Ex condition is often very close to mint. So many 210mm are for sale that they are one of the best values out there.

Philippe Grunchec
18-Jun-2009, 03:01
On my 45AII, I have a 5.6/210 Sinaron S (=Apo Sironar N) which covers 5x7.