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16-Jun-2009, 16:21
I am expecting delivery of my 617 back (to go on a 10x8 field camera) and wanted to ask what a good starter lense would be. I am thinking of either a 90 or 105mm Schneider for 617, however I notice that the 180 seems to produce amazing results also (certainly in Colin Prior's Hands anyway). Any thoughts appreciated. Also - do I need a centre filter?


Lachlan 717
16-Jun-2009, 17:01
90mm lenses are somewhat the norm for the first lens.

The 105mm that you refer to is probably in reference to Fuji's G617 that had a Fujinon 105mm as its lens. I am not aware of a Schneider 105mm that will fit this camera.

If you do use a 90mm, I would recommend paying a bit more and getting a f5.6 model (or even f4.5). People will argue that these lenses are too big compared to an f8 lens; however, the brighter screen (especially in the corners) is a huge benefit! I use a centre filter when I am using a 90mm lens, but I only really shoot chromes.

As for the 180mm,, I cannot help. I have a 110mm, 150mm and a 240mm in addition to the aforementioned 90mm. I find this a good split (except for the 110mm; too close to the 90mm) but will add a 72mm soon...

Hope this is a bit of help for you!



16-Jun-2009, 23:53
I bought a Super Angulon f5.6 90mm for my 6x17 and a 75mm f8 SA but actually found 90mm to long and never used it, I couldn't envisage using a 180mm particularly in the UK.


17-Jun-2009, 03:23
It all depends solely on your artistic vision! As you have already noticed even longer lenses than the usual (and often boring) 90mm are excellent users. Do you remember the panoramic format films once "modern"? The format lends itself to all views - at the horizon or closer. I use 150mm for meteorology pics, to "see" the events on the horizon and even much longer lenses would be perfectly usable for that reason. Don't let anybody limit your artistic visions with boring general rules!
No film format in itself is limited for only some focal lengths, be it 4x5, 8x10 or 6x17. I even take "macros" 1:1 on 6x17 with 150mm and why not?