View Full Version : do old cameras have value

Anthony Rodriguez
16-Jun-2009, 15:51
im not trying to sell it im thinking of putting it in the house on display

16-Jun-2009, 16:04
Yes, they do have.
Look at ebay and search for "plate camera" and you will see what I mean.

The pic of your camera is very tiny, but by the looks of it it is a studio camera.
Can you please post a bigger picture ?


16-Jun-2009, 16:07
They are worthless and dangerous. If you had one in your house you might be tempted to take pictures with it and that would start you on the road to perdition and financial ruin. You should send it to Jim Galli for safe keeping. He runs a home for soiled dove cameras.....

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jun-2009, 17:44
Post a bigger picture so we can drool over it.

16-Jun-2009, 18:51
im not trying to sell it ...

Then why ask if it has value? All seriousness aside, value is in the eyes of the beholder, but almost everything that is old has some value. The old cameras even have decorator value.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jun-2009, 18:57
Because if it is valuable, then maybe one should insure it incase his house is broken into and it is stolen.

Walter Calahan
16-Jun-2009, 19:00
That's the smallest large format camera picture I've seen in a long time. Grin.