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Robert A. Zeichner
27-Oct-2001, 05:40
I have been reading the comments of others for some time now, regarding the prob lems associated with transporting film on airplanes. I, too have been concerned with the impact recent events have had on those of us who travel with film (and objects that may confuse and concern the security people at airports).

A thought occured to me that I'd like to share and get your feedback on. What i f we use this wonderful forum to help provide local assistance in procuring film for each other? A kind of National (or International) Film Bank. For example, if someone in New Jersey is planning a trip to Death Valley, maybe one of us in Las Vegas might be willing to purchase film for the trip ahead of time? Those individuals would then coordinate drop off to the traveller. Perhaps we could c ompile a directory of LF users who would be willing to help in this cause. We wo uld of course, have to set up some guidelines for reimbursement. I've even been thinking of ways to process (B&W only) in motel rooms. Color film might be pro cessed at labs local to the traveller's destination as well and then shipped bac k to them directly. Imagine making a trip without carrying film to your destina tion and bringing back processed negatives? I know it sounds scary, but this ma y become a viable alternative to no travel at all. I'd like to hear your ideas a nd thoughts.

Doug Paramore
27-Oct-2001, 08:26
Robert: Good idea. We LF shooters really do need to set up network of sorts. We do have contact within this forum which could be easily expanded. Perhaps we could help each other until this crisis passes by acting as a film drop for other photographers as needed. I don't think that the current panic will last more than a few months, then perhaps we can work with the government and the airlines to develop a way to carry on film without it being x-ray nuked too seriously. We really do need to work with the authorities to come up with a workable solution. This forum would be a good way to get a joint project going.


paul owen
27-Oct-2001, 08:50
Count me in!! I don't travel much outside the UK, but would be more than happy to assist anyone venturing to the UK, especially to Wales. Regards Paul

David R Munson
27-Oct-2001, 09:19
A great idea! I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the LF Users Directory (http://www.angelfire.com/film/large) that I've been working on putting together. The more people we have listed on the directory, the easier it would be to find people for this sort of thing. There are currently 12 people listed, but I'm hoping other people will email me with info to put on the list. I know it's on Angelfire for the time being and you get the stupid pop-up ad, but once I get my commercial site set up some time in the next six months to year, I'll make the lf directory part of that. Anyhow, I'd be more than willing to give fellow photographers a hand, so count me in.

R. McDonald
27-Oct-2001, 10:01
This works! I have done this several times for other photographers. And not just for Film. I have loaned my Darkroom for Loading and Unloading and One fellow processed his film. I have Loaned Holders and even Cameras(sorry no Lenses) and I have a regular list of Darkrooms that I use when traveling. It's a Great way to meet and break up the trip(besides it's a pain in the A__ to load film in some not so dark Hotel rooms)and the most it's ever cost me was a bottle of Glenlivet and we shared that over a nice B.S. session.

Anthony J. Kohler
27-Oct-2001, 10:58
Here in northern Arizona the scenery is incomparable, the reputedly most-photographed site in all of Arizona is visible from the house and the camera stores, other than the P&S places, are few and far between. However, I would be delighted to be a delivery site/drop for anyone coming this way who is in need of one, and a friendly place to chat is almost always available.

We are also planning to open our guest house as a B&B after the first of the year, but that is another story.


Walter Glover
27-Oct-2001, 13:45
Hi All,

Anybody coming to Sydney is more than welcome to have me arrange stock for them prior to arrival ... but a word of warning:

Here in Australia 8x10 black & white stock is an INDENT ONLY item and could necessitate ordering up to 3 months ahead. Then, if it's Ilford you want and you want it quickly you will be charged for their air-freight. Other foreign destinations are likely to be like this also.

I had a supply problem with Delta 100 4x5 in the UK last year - I ordered 20 boxes and could only get 14 after the supplier scavenged around.

My intention for future trips is to purchase the film here and FedEx it to a contact point at my destination. Loading, unloading and processing is where I think the International traveller will find the greater benefit from networking.

Bon voyage ... WG

Hagai Kaufman
27-Oct-2001, 15:42
2 thumbs up for the initiative! If anyone needs help in Israel, drop me a line. Be advised though, that 8x10 stuff is a special-order down here, but I have good contacts with both Fuji, Ilford and Kodak importers, so I think I can help..

Peter Brown
27-Oct-2001, 16:15

Great idea! For anyone venturing into the warm, tropical north of Australia please contact me and I'd be happy to help - no worries! We've also got a good pro-lab and excellent scanning facilities here too.

Trouble is, as Walter pointed out, LF film can be hard to come by in Australia and it is expensive here, by international standards.

Kind regards

Peter Brown Cairns - and all points north, west or south! Queensland Australia.

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Oct-2001, 17:11
It sounds like we have some interest in this. Let me throw out some implimentation ideas. Your suggestions will be most welcome.

1. We need to establish some criteria for the database. Name, email address (we probably should avoid actual mailing addresses), location (city, country, continent), available local resources (film stocks and sizes, chemistry and available lab services), local prices and applicable tax and shipping charges if any. Typical lead time for special order items.

2. Could the LF forum establish a page for this database?

3. We should probably have a feedback provision to track our experiences and see how this process is working.

Okay, there are some items to begin with. What do you all think?

Jennifer Waak
27-Oct-2001, 18:35
If the LF forum cannot support it for some reason, I can certainly help. My real job is as an IT consultant, and I have a few years of web programming experience under my belt. I even have a couple of personal web sites that I host so I could host it (I'm warning you, my server isn't speedy but it's functional).

I should know better by now than to volunteer for things like this, but I've learned so much from this forum and this is one way I can start to repay you all.

Andre Noble
27-Oct-2001, 22:21
We may be overreacting to the actual situation - I recenly took the same film through 9 different airport carry-on x-rays in 5 or so countries, including the the Empire State bldg x-ray, without effect. I was a big worrier beforehand. But it's nice to see the comraderie. Large format really does draw a different breed.

28-Oct-2001, 02:24
i think that we need a new cathegorie in this forum, call: good lab at destinati on... i'm going to india this month, in the city of chennai (madras), i will use roll film E100VS, and i'm wondering if i can find a good pro lab to process my slides, any recommendation ?

28-Oct-2001, 06:57
I can offer my help and assistance in Ferrara, Italy Ciao

Gavin Walker
28-Oct-2001, 15:30
Count me in if you're coming to Tokyo. Fuji is pretty much everywhere, but some Kodak and Ilford stuff might be best arranged beforehand.

Rob Tucher
29-Oct-2001, 10:42
Count me in too. I have ready access to B&H and various other NY/NJ supply houses for those visiting my area. But when I travel anywhere in any way but driving it was a trial even before. Now it is impossible.

I process VERY often in motels. BTZS tubes and a portable darkroom tent that I get into and even has a vent fan. I load in the tent and can even watch TV with one eye while spinning. At home I do JOBO.

Wayne Crider
29-Oct-2001, 14:17
I stock a variety of films at a local Florist shop on I 595 here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. The shop is 10 minutes from the airport. I do it more as a courtsey than to make money. We can accept any package for you with total assurance. Access 7 days, with after normal business hours availability by pager. Ask for me, Wayne @ 954-474-1055. Tell Pat the owner your a friend of mine and you need an address.

David A. Goldfarb
29-Oct-2001, 16:15
Here in New York you can buy film off the shelf from B&H, Calumet, and a few other places and rent darkroom time fairly easily to process film or take it to a lab that will have it back in a day or less, all pretty much without special arrangements (you might want to call ahead, if you need film in an ultra-large format).

QT Luong
30-Oct-2001, 13:04
dg: the page http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/labs.html (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/labs.html) sollicits recommendations for local labs.

All: I suggest posting in this thread if you are willing to help in this cause. If the volume of postings warrants upgrading to some better software, I'll see what can be done then. Or do you think that this initiative, or others (such as "Meeting in person" and "Local labs") would get a better response if the software was already available ?

Jorge Gasteazoro
30-Oct-2001, 14:23
Q.-Tuan Luong:

This question is sort of what comes before the chicken or the egg? :-)

I suggest we keep on posting and if the thread continues you can put the program in place, as it stands I think you should wait for a little while before you spend more time on this. BTW good job and my thanks for keeping up this site!

ONTH anybody going to Queretato,Mexico is welcome to contact me. I usually stock TMX, TMY and fuji ACROS in both 4x5 and 8x10. Any other emulsion you can contact me and I will research the availability and price. I will also have a full darkroom with facilities for regular and alternative printing. contact me at this address or at jorgegm@mail.com

Ted Brownlee`
28-Dec-2001, 15:28
Although not in San Francisco, there is a lab in Dublin, CA that I use:

Custom Photographic Services 6948-B Sierra Court Dublin, CA 94568 925/828-6000

CPS is an excellent all-around pro lab. They do about 95% of my work. Fast turnaround on E-6 processing of all sizes.

For processing & proofing color negatives I use:

E & J Photo Lab 7748 Dublin Blvd Dublin, CA 94568 925/829-0222

E&J seems to have a wider selection of papers & sizes for proofing than CPS. They also sell film, paper, albums, filing pages & a few other similar items. (Not broad in scope like a camera store.)