View Full Version : Fotoman 617

16-Jun-2009, 09:45
Are the cones for Fotoman 617 the same for these two lenses :
90 Super ANgulon 6.8
90 Super Angulon XL 5.6 :confused:

Bob Salomon
16-Jun-2009, 09:52
The flange focal length for the 90mm 6.8 SA is 103.4mm and the flange focal length for the 90mm 5.6 XL is 103.5mm. So they could use the same cone and shim for one lens if they want to be precise.

16-Jun-2009, 09:58
Thank you, Bob.
Apparently, talking with Fotoman dealer again, the XL need 2 spacers,
and the SA only one.
So even if the flange are roughly the same, there seems to be this spacers problem.

Lachlan 717
16-Jun-2009, 16:19
There is a current thread in APUG's Panoramic section that covers a lot of this. Probably worth reading it as background to this topic.