View Full Version : Copal No 1--shutter problem?

15-Jun-2009, 15:00
I just bought a copal # 1 shutter from one of the power house photo dealers on e-bay

Just got it today, they told me it was an excellent minus condition---( to me that means it works, maybe the minus is a warning ? )

It is very pleasing to the eye---But I can not get it to fire on any speed, am I doing something wrong--to me it's a pretty simple operation you set the speed you want, cock the shutter then squeeze your cable release ---nothing


15-Jun-2009, 15:04
there is a black sliding button which opens and closes the shutter for composing on ground glass. That must be in closed position or it won't fire.

15-Jun-2009, 15:07
It's closed---nothing

when I took it out of the box it was hot, would heat play a factor ?

15-Jun-2009, 15:10
when you cocked the shutter, did you hear the winding up of the spring and did the lever spring back to normal position when it was fully cocked or is the lever able to move freely after cocking. It should be on a very light return spring. If that spring is broke, it can jam things.
And I assume the cable release is travelling far enough to push the firing lever.

heat shouldn't make any difference except maybe cause any grease in the shutter to run which is not a good thing.

15-Jun-2009, 15:15
I hear a click, not a winding sound, it does go back to the normal position, and yes the cable release is working-

I think they sold me a 150.00 dud

15-Jun-2009, 15:36
if its mounted on a lensboard, slacken the locking ring and try again.

15-Jun-2009, 15:54
Thanks, it's not mounted---it looks fairly new too27518

15-Jun-2009, 16:07
looks identical to the one I have in my hand. Mine was virtually new. Camera fell over on the beach and splashed the lens/shutter. I flushed it out with fresh water and let it dry. Shutter works fine but the cocking lever return spring is broken and the x-sync is corroded and doesn't work. So I bought a new one and have this for spares (if not rusty).

15-Jun-2009, 18:03
You could try one thing: at the 8-o -clock position you see a small screw.
Turn that as much as needed and loosen the ring one notch and try again.
You can go as far as 3 notches, not more.

I will keep an eye on this thread, I have CLA'd many Copals.


15-Jun-2009, 23:55
I did as you instructed,---still nothing

Thanks anyway Peter

16-Jun-2009, 02:56
Time to go with the shutter to go to a repairman, or if you are realy handy: take the front of and have a look inside and make a pic without the front.

I don't know your location: US ? In either way I would be far away... (shipping cost back and forth).


16-Jun-2009, 06:48
Thanks for your help Peter, But this is going back to the seller once they respond anyway, I should of bought it off this forum. Then I wouldn't be going threw this hassle

Regards John

8-Jul-2009, 08:28
Ok--they have replaced the shutter

But they sent an older silver ring shutter, not the black face one like in the picture above.

Maybe I'm being anal, but I wanted the shutter I paid for fixed. This is after no communication, and when they did it was never more then five words in a sentence.

Would you keep it and avoid any other frustration, or send it back?