View Full Version : What type of film is in the original Fuji Quick Change film packs?

15-Jun-2009, 10:25
Just got some inserts for the Fuji Quick Change system. However all the instructions are in Japanese, and I don't see any indication of what kind of film is contained in the holders?

please see attached.


15-Jun-2009, 12:54
It's a Grafmatic-like 8-shooter using regular sheet films. The only way to know for sure would be to open it and feel the notch code.

BTW, the sticker on the box says...

"Demonstration unit" -- in red lettering
"(Not for actual picture taking)"

...so the films inside may not be good.

[EDIT] Fuji sold pre-loaded septums, but I believe you can reload them yourself.

15-Jun-2009, 13:30
The quick change was never designed to be reloadable. But you can do it simply.
However, the quickchange units are dogs. I suggest you pull the dark slide and then look down the film to see just how flat it isn't and the slope on the film end to end.

The fuji quickload film holders are far superior.

16-Jun-2009, 08:42
Thanks for the replies guys! just did a test shoot, it seems to be filled with Provia 100. The slides are at the lab, we shall see what comes out.

I wish I can use quickloads, but they are not available in the Chinese market.

Struan Gray
17-Jun-2009, 00:29
I use Quickchange as a light and compact field system. I have no complaints about film flatness in use, but I'm not a sharpness freak. The system is very convenient and portable, and although the plastic components cannot be as robust and long-lived as metal grafmatic cartridges, they work well for this amateur.

The only disadvantage is that I have not found any way of loading the septums without touching the face of the emulsion. In very hot and humid climates that might leave marks on the film, unless you use latex or nitrile gloves. In the northern European summer it's no big deal.

When the system first came out Fuji offered both Provia and Astia in Quickchange, but Provia was all that anyone ever seemed to have in stock in Europe. The beauty of re-loading is, of course, that you can use any film stock you like.

Diane Maher
17-Jun-2009, 09:57
I have also used the Quickchange in the past. Somewhere I have a pdf which shows step by step how to re-load it.

Arne Croell
17-Jun-2009, 10:34
I have also used the Quickchange in the past. Somewhere I have a pdf which shows step by step how to re-load it.
An illustrated description of the reloading process is here: http://www.f32.net/Services/Equipment/Accessories/quickchange.html

Michael Rosenberg
17-Jun-2009, 15:47
I have been using the Quickchange holders for the past 7 years off-and-on, and a lot more the past year. I have been reusing 8 cartridges over that time, and have not had a problem with flatness. You may have to bend the spring in the cartridges slightly if you start to get jams. I like them better than the grafmatics I have; they are lighter, hold more film, and work very smoothly. You can easily take them apart and clean the felt, blow them out, etc.

Mine were loaded with Provira, and now I use 400 TMY2.