View Full Version : Linhof Master Technika `Black Edition'

26-Oct-2001, 04:18
I've seen offers for Linhof MTs `Black Edition'... can anybody explain the diffe rence between this model an the regular MT? How is the black finish achieved? Some kind of anodization, or just paint? If paint, how resistant against scratch&wear, compared to the standard MT?

As prices for the black MTs are lower than for the standard model, what is the d isadvantage of the black model? Is it feature-wise equivalent to the current st andard model?

Bob Salomon
26-Oct-2001, 11:13
On the black version the exterior metal trim of the body is the same black finish as a Tk, Tecnorama or Kardan camera. (not the covering which is still black material). The chrome version has chrome rather then black finish.

Functionallity and features are identical.