View Full Version : Images of Photographers 1860-1900

12-Jun-2009, 15:25
see http://www.antiquecameras.net/photographers.html


12-Jun-2009, 18:27
Those were the day's ........

Great shots !

Thanks for posting.


CP Goerz
12-Jun-2009, 23:01
Clearly facial hair was a sign of quality for most! ;-)

Scott Knowles
13-Jun-2009, 06:41
Thanks. Researching the early photographers (http://wsrmtrnp.blogspot.com/2008/10/pre-1900-photographers.html) working in later Mt. Rainier NP, I was amazed at the number shortly after Kodak released sheet film. We can complain all we want about working with a 4x5 these days, but it's nothing compared to photographers had to do then. Even getting places was work enough, but then add the camera/lenses of the day with the technology for transporting them, you definitely had to be dedicated.

13-Jun-2009, 08:46
I really think this sort of thing is fascinating. Makes me wonder just how hard it'd be to track down a functional example of one of those cameras. That'd be awesome.

13-Jun-2009, 09:57
Clearly facial hair was a sign of quality for most! ;-)

Especially on the women :)