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Ed Richards
12-Jun-2009, 09:45
The 90mm XL seems to have about a 25mm image circle edge on the competition, plus it is the newest design. It is also huge. What are the pros and cons on using it for 4x5? (I assume it really comes into its own on 5x7.)

12-Jun-2009, 10:20
Con: large and heavy


Con: more expensive than a normal 90, but so what ?

It has to fit your camera though....
I have a 210W that does not fit through the lens hole of my Shen Hao, it sits on a Sinar board for my P2.


Phil Hudson
12-Jun-2009, 10:25
Have you seen the cost of 95mm EW filters?!:eek:

Ed Richards
12-Jun-2009, 13:07

I checked with Badger - I can use my Lee stuff with the 95mm ring. Otherwise I would never consider it.

Martin Aislabie
12-Jun-2009, 22:43
Don't you have to remove the rear lens flange to use the XL with a Linhof lens board.

The rear lens flange is there to protect the rear (convex) element from touching a flat surface - therefore, you can only put the lens down on its front (outer) face.

This might or might not be off putting depending on your camera and subject matter


Eric Leppanen
12-Jun-2009, 23:24
Don't you have to remove the rear lens flange to use the XL with a Linhof lens board.Here is one of the Q&A's from the Ebony camera web site (http://www.ebonycamera.com/articles/FAQ.html). The Ebony 4x5 cameras all use Linhof Technika style lens boards.

1) I have a Schneider 90mmXL Super Angulon lens. I would like to use it with an Ebony 4x5 camera, but I've heard that the rear element is too big to enter the hole in front boards of cameras that accept Linhof-type lensboards. Is this true?

Yes, this is true. Shortly after this problem was noticed, Schneider changed the design of this lens so that it is possible to unscrew the metal protective flange at the back of the rear element: the element may then be inserted in the hole and the lens used as normal. However one has to be very careful to avoid scratching the glass of the rear element when the protective flange is removed. All new 90mm XL Super Angulon lenses have a removable rear flange, but if buying a second-hand lens, ensure that it is has this feature if you wish to use it with a 6x9 or 4x5 Ebony camera.

13-Jun-2009, 08:43
I have this lens. It is an amazing lens in terms of performance but a real beast to use. It is large, heavy and won't fit into some cameras as mentioned above. Other smaller lenses such as my two Nikkor 90's have comparable performance but are less of a project. When I first got it I took a set of test shots comparing it with the Nikkors and decided that the images were all comparable but the hassle factor was significant for the 90XL. It mostly sits in my lens drawer now and the Nikkors go shooting with me.
My take is that if you are someone who takes architectural photos for a living then you would find this lens a powerful tool. But you are also not walking far with your equipment and are likely setting up in one location for a longer period of time and taking numerous shots. For those of us who do landscape photos and need to walk some to where we take our photos, IMHO it is overkill, a little like driving a Ferrari to work.
Dave B.

Ed Richards
13-Jun-2009, 15:22
Not fitting through a Linhof board size hole is a showstopper! I use an F2, but with a Linhof board adapter. Having to use Sinar boards makes storing the lenses a nightmare.

Anyone know if the 72mm XL has the same problem? It is the more interesting lens because it does have a lot of room for movements, while the competing 75mm lenses do not, and my 65mm allows very little movement at all.

Don Dudenbostel
13-Jun-2009, 15:31
I have the 72xl and use it on my Ebony sv45te with no problem. Also it does cover 5x7. Its a superb lens but it is much larger than a 75SA.

Steve M Hostetter
13-Jun-2009, 18:38
use a sironon lens box to carry the lens in.. the 90mm xl takes up space but is light weight.. performs well in high flare situations.. stays bright near the edge of the image circle.. here is an example showing the complete image circle on 8x10 film focus @ 7-8'
any 4" filters will work ,, sinar makes a 4" polarizer w/thumb tab ..

13-Jun-2009, 18:56
The 72XL will give you no problems at all. I have one on a Technika board on a P2.


14-Jun-2009, 08:59
I wonder if the thread/diameter for the Center Filter is the same for both lenses, 72mm XL and 90 mm XL ?