View Full Version : Linhof Technik Serial # Guide

Natha Congdon
15-Sep-2001, 10:41
I know (or think) I've seen full lists of production dates for Linhof Techs by s erial # somewhere on line, but can't find any sites now with this info, only a f ew mentioning production dates and serial # for some of the Tech IV and Tech V m odels. Would Bob or anybody else be able to provide me an approximate date of m anufacture for a Master Tech, serial # 531XXX (definitely 6 digits).

Thanks in advance,


Bob Salomon
15-Sep-2001, 11:04
The Master Technika serial numbers are all7 digits or a 6 digit number prefaced with a B.

If the one you are talking about has a B then it was made in 92 or 93.

If there is no B it is not a Master.