View Full Version : Which 6x9 RFH's will fit my Horseman Type 2 6x9 Rotating Back?

11-Jun-2009, 21:58
Being tired of endlessly swapping my GG and my Horseman 6x7/4x5 back, and wanting to move to 6x9 anyway, I have acquired a mint Horseman Type 2 6x9 Rotating Back, which fits the standard Graflock back on my Speed Graphic just fine. However, before I can use this beauty I now need to find a 6x9 roll film holder for it. There isn't much detail available from Horseman, but as best I can tell a standard Horseman 6x9 "Type 1" roll film holder "for 6x9 mount" will fit. Before I go hunting one, can someone with experience with this Horseman 4x5 rotating back confirm exactly which 6x9 roll film holders will fit? How about a Wista 6x9 RFH? Possibly others?
Thanks in advance to all,