View Full Version : Dangers of radioctive glass in Apo-lanthar lens

Rodrigo Ghessa Tostes Malta
23-Oct-2001, 14:08
I find an Apo-lanthar in a flea market and bought it. Searching for information in this forum I read that it may contain a radioctive element. Some time ago I r ead that some lenses may be dangerous due to radiation. Can anyone tell if it is safe to use this lens? Thank you all

David A. Goldfarb
23-Oct-2001, 16:29
Take a look at this page for info on radioactive lenses:


Jim Galli
26-Oct-2001, 08:20
It emits Alpha particles. Don't sleep with it under your pillow. Don't remount it as eyeglasses. Sell it to me cheap...or go have some fun with it.