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Philippe Grunchec
11-Jun-2009, 09:26
A friend of mine owns a very nice Zone VI bag for 8x10 holders (10, I think). Does it still exist? What do you use?

MIke Sherck
11-Jun-2009, 09:52
There was a thread last year; you might search for it.

I use soft-sided cooler bags, like one would take to a picnic. I found some which carry up to six holders each and they're just right for me.


Bruce Barlow
11-Jun-2009, 17:34
Cooler bags from Wally World. Mine easily hold ten 8x10s with the hard plastic liner out of the cooler bag (makes a nice waste basket). I kept the price tag on one: $12.63. The outside pockets hold a sandwich, to boot.

I helped design the Zone VI 8x10 bag. It holds more like six holders. Somebody's cuurently trying to sell one on eBay for some ridiculous price like $149. I think they were $75 new, and not worth it compared to Wally World's versions. My prototype Zone VI does duty going to the grocery store to keep the Ben and Jerry's cold on the way home. But I'll sell it for $350 as an historical artifact.

Take a holder on a date to try them on for size.

John Powers
20-Jun-2009, 03:54
I wrap two - four holders in the black plastic bag 16x20 Kentmere FBVC print paper comes in. This protects from both dust and light. Eight holders then go in a LL Bean small back pack. Another eight go in a $15 small carry on bag from Wal-Mart.


20-Jun-2009, 08:48
A Domke F-802 Reporter's Satchel (http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=domke&itemnum=701-82S) will easily hold four 8x10 film holders. I can get six to fit if the holders are alternated so the light traps mesh. But that kind of jams them in and I don't feel it's the best for the holders. Besides, six holders starts to get heavy. The bag is canvas and has minimal padding - a bit on the bottom and the ends. That's enough for me, but with four holders you have room to add some padding if you desire. The outside pockets work well for filters and a meter. If you shoot 5x7, those same outside pockets will neatly fit three film holders each. This is without a doubt the most useful and versatile camera bag I've ever used. It can double as a briefcase or a laptop bag. I've found that the list price is usually generously discounted. I don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but having had more useless camera bags than I care to recall, it's easy to become enthused when I find one that actually works.

John Kasaian
22-Jun-2009, 17:52
GI Surplus 5 gallon water can insulating bags. They'll hold more 8x10 film holders than a sane person would want to carry any great distance. Heck you can even stick your 8x10 camera & accessories in there with 'em. They go for about $19 at the surplus stores but Sportsman's Guide has them advertised at 2/$19.

Turner Reich
22-Jun-2009, 20:15
I got a couple of the W'll Mar' cooler bag/cases that had plastic inserts, I removed them and use the bags, more rigid than a bag, for 5x7 holders. They are perfect and cost just a few dollars.

William McEwen
23-Jun-2009, 07:46
A friend of mine owns a very nice Zone VI bag for 8x10 holders (10, I think). Does it still exist? What do you use?

I have three of these and they are excellent. Wish I had more. Each holds six holders snugly but not too tight.

These items were long ago a casualty of the Calumet purchase of Zone VI. I'm a little surprised no one has stepped in to manufacture them -- this would likely have happened had Fine Art Photo Supply been able to continue.

I use a Zone VI monorail case (made for 4x5 cameras) for my main camera bag. It holds lenses, cable releases, dark cloth, etc., plus five 8x10 holders.

Linda Connor and Jock Sturges use coolers to hold their holders.

Stephen Fritz
23-Jun-2009, 12:55
I insert each 8x10 holder in a black plastic sleeve, then put them in a small laptop computer bag. Laptop cases have good shoulder straps, are sized correctly, have adjustable internal straps for snugness and usually have room for up to 4 or 5 holders.

You can find them used at Goodwill or similar for about $5.

Also, the top section of the Sherpacart also holds exactly (2) 8x10 holders in black bags, and shuts tight with the velcro closure.