View Full Version : Walker Titan SF - folds shut with what lenses?

11-Jun-2009, 06:27
Hi there,

new to LFF ( see http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?p=476439#post476439 for my intro :) and beginning to assemble a kit.

Heeding the archival wisdom of this forum, I've decided to go for a "normal" (preferably f 5.6 and large image circle..) lens somewhere from 120 - 150 mm, so I can clearly see what's going on on the ground glass.. I plan to shoot 4x5 polaroids via a fuji pa45 and 6x9 with a wista holder (got that one already) - and am eyeballing the walker titan sf, as rumor has it that it's well designed and hard to make kaputt.

Now knowing myself, I'd really want the camera to be able to fold shut with a lens in place.. which brings me to my question(s): What "normal" lenses can you recommend for that? I'm thinking that I should stay slightly towards the 120mm side of things or the 6x9 crop will be too "tele" - do you agree with that?

kind regards,


PS yes the Toyo Field 45CF is also an option.. perhaps the better one considering the walker's price.. ha hurm.

Gem Singer
11-Jun-2009, 07:53
Look for a previously owned Fuji 125W or CM-W.

Not sure if you will be able to fold the Toyo or the Walker with a lens in place, but the 125 focal length is slightly long for 6X9 and slightly short for 4X5. Makes a good compromise focal length lens to use for both formats.

Richard Littlewood
11-Jun-2009, 07:59
I have an SF and it wont close with a lens on. Not like the good old days when folding cameras had a large round hole in the baseboard just under the lens.

11-Jun-2009, 10:09
I have a Walker Titan SF. I have folded it with the 135mm Schneider Symmar-S turned around backwards...but, it is a close fit.

11-Jun-2009, 11:04
For my Linhof Master Technika my 150mm was (and still is) mounted on a recesed Techika board.


11-Jun-2009, 14:52
yea perhaps a recessed board would be a thing to consider, then... or I'll have to remove & stow in back when moving after all. bummer!

Martin Aislabie
11-Jun-2009, 15:47
Why don't you e-mail Mike Walker and ask his opinion - mike@walkercameras.com

Mike is really nice guy and is very free with his advice and helpful suggestions


14-Jun-2009, 00:37
I've read that the Walker can close with a Rodenstock Sironar N 135mm.

21-Jun-2009, 10:09
fyi, I talked to Mike but he could only tell me that if it were to fold shut, it'd most likely work with older lenses and reversed lens board prior to closing it..
I'm researching other options..