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10-Jun-2009, 12:37
I have several older lenses without flanges to mount them. Anyone have info on where or how I can get replacements? Thanks, Bill

10-Jun-2009, 12:53
You need to have them custom made. The actual thread needs to be measures because they are non-standard. It is not cheap.

A device called a 'universal lens iris' or something a like was made to hold lenses of various diameters. This would solve the problem. They are not cheap, but are cheaper then getting various flanges custom made.

An alternative would be to friction fit the lens into a wooden lensboard, or use another creative method of attaching the lens to a board.

Bob Salomon
10-Jun-2009, 13:16
What sizes do you need?

Harley Goldman
10-Jun-2009, 15:26
Try SK Grimes. http://www.skgrimes.com/adapter/index.htm

John Powers
11-Jun-2009, 04:30
Midwest Photo Exchange,
Jim Andracki, Large Format Department, jim@mpex.com
Work (614) 261-1264 Fax (614) 261-1637 3313 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202
carry several.
Tell Jim what lens needs a flange and he may already have it made. That is MUCH cheaper than having a one off custom made. He had a flange in stock when I needed one for a 250mm Wide Field Ektar.


11-Jun-2009, 06:03
Took your advice made up a lens board with exact size for a friction fit, works perf... Handy to be a classic guitar and oud maker with all the materials and tools... Supele for the board and englemann spruce to thread into..... Thanks again, Bill

11-Jun-2009, 13:28
Have you tried duct-taping it to the lensboard?

Ken Lee
11-Jun-2009, 14:05
Another vote for Grimes. They do exactly what is needed, they do it perfectly.

Ernest Purdum
11-Jun-2009, 15:43
There is a man selling flanges on eBay. He started out with a really large selection and probably has a fair number left. I found him to be helpful regarding working to help his customer find rhe right one.

His flanges sell for much less than the cost of having them made.