View Full Version : Flange distance for a Fujinon-NW 135mm lens?

John Schneider
10-Jun-2009, 09:09
I want to fit my Fujinon-NW 135mm f5.6 lens (EBC, 52mm filter, the version right before the current CM-W) into a Horseman SW612 cone originally made for a 135 Sironar-S. So that I can add any shims if needed, does anyone know what the flange distance for this lens is? The Ebony chart shows the CM-W version at 132.4 mm, but has no listing for the NW. The Sironar-S is 132.0 mm so I'm hoping the Fujinon-NW is similar. Thanks for checking.

10-Jun-2009, 14:16
Fujinon NWS 135mm lens is listed at 127.6mm flange focal length if that helps at all.

John Schneider
10-Jun-2009, 15:41
That's exactly what I'm looking for; thanks!