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Allen in Montreal
10-Jun-2009, 07:08
I recently picked up a Copal self cocking shutter, my intention was to mount my Apo Rodagon for some close up work. I was led to believe this shutter had a standard 39mm thread, but on attempt to mount the lens, it seems to have a 40mm thread.

Has anyone used this shutter and have any experience mounting a lens in it?
I would imagine someone like Grimes could make a ring to adapt it if all else fails.

Thank you in a advance for any help or suggestions.

10-Jun-2009, 10:28
Hi Allen,

A quick and the dirty solution is to wrap hockey tape on the threads until it fits snuggly inside. This is assuming you are not taking it out of the barrel. If you like the results, then get the adapter made.

If out of the barrel, then measure with a calipher the height of the lense and make sure it matches when mounted in the shutter.

But this is my cheap side talking.


Dan Fromm
10-Jun-2009, 10:35
Allen, there are no standard shutters threaded M39x1 at the front. Go here http://www.skgrimes.com/press/index.htm to find the standard.

skgrimes will, if you pay them, make a female M39x1 to male M40x0.75 adapter for you.

Allen in Montreal
11-Jun-2009, 12:52
Thank you Gents,
I guess I will have Grimes make something up for me, the Apo Rodagon is my main lens for 6x4.5 printing so I must be able to recover the lens for darkroom duty. I have so many projects going at once, it will now have to wait until the fall sadly.

Dan Fromm
11-Jun-2009, 14:22
Hmm. Allen, apologies for being a little slow on the uptake.

If you want to shoot in the range 1:4 to 4:1 and have a #0 shutter available, a 105/4.5 Comparon or a 150/5.6 Comparon may cost less than an adapter from Grimes. These lenses' cells are direct fits in a #0 shutter, have the advantage over a lens hung in front of a #1 of being easily reversible for work above 1:1. Per Schneider, in that range Comparons are better than Componons. I have better lenses, but have tried my 105 (not the 150, haven't got around to it yet) and it is good enough to use.

Also, take y'r Rodagon's cells out of their barrel and measure them. They might be direct fits in a #0 or #1.

Peter K
11-Jun-2009, 15:07
Enlarging lenses are equipped with the so called "Leica-thread" 39mm x 26tpi (threads per inch), a combination of a metric diameter with an English imperial pitch. This is not the same as M39x1.