View Full Version : X-Rite 810 Densitometer user with experience out there?

emo supremo
9-Jun-2009, 05:47
Having just won an auction for this 810 Densitometer I am in the perplexing position of how to use the darn thing (no manual). There's plenty of generic info. Any suggestions/urls etc that will make the learning curve more tractable for THIS model i.e., where do I start looking for how to get this unit operational?

The auction did say I needed these parts and for information about this or other AAA Imaging Solutions' Ebay listings, contact Greg Hitchler @ 1-800-427-2444. Transmission - Calibration Strip Tablet p/n 810-68 or Reflection - Calibration Check Plaque p/n 302-12

9-Jun-2009, 05:59
You will need those calibration bits (the film strip and the plaque) to get this unit properly calibrated.
Here is the url for the manual from xrite:

There is also a bit of a glitch in them as it relates to the order of calibration. The transmission part has to be calibrated before the reflection part otherwise you will loose the calibration for the reflection part.
Here is the url for the tech note on calibrating.

You might also want to consider getting a new bulb before you start depending on it's readings.

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