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emo supremo
8-Jun-2009, 19:59
Hello, I was offered a Ries tripod A-100 for $300 dollars but now that I've just received it in the mail one of the legs has a crack where the leg joins the center plate. This crack will eventually propagate down the leg (knowing my luck) and so I'm asking whether this is something common. The gent that sold it to me didn't bother to mention this so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't see it or didn't think much of it enough to mention it but, then again, it is plainly visible to me right off the bat. The price seemed fair (there's another one for the same price on this site)

Should I keep it and glue it when it gets to be a problem (hopefully before the 8x10 falls lensfirst into a rock or should I ask him to refund a portion for a leg replacement? Has anyone ever bought a leg replacement for the A-100 ? I would guess yes because the legs are very, very stiff even with the knobs loosened up almost all the way; nicer than the Bierbach but way too stiff for my taste.

What would you do. (seller's name will NOT be mentioned). Emilio

8-Jun-2009, 20:17
According to FAQ #3 (http://www.riestripod.com/faq.htm) on the Ries site, the tripod has a lifetime warranty. I would contact them. When I had a Ries, I had to contact them for some hardware replacements. Even though I purchased the tripod used, they still honored their warranty.


Bruce Barlow
9-Jun-2009, 04:17
darr's right. The Ries people are good folks.

emo supremo
9-Jun-2009, 05:02
Thank you Dar. Thank you Bruce.

John Kasaian
9-Jun-2009, 22:58
Life time warranty, but apparently not in my lifetime. I sent in a Ries with a cracked metal collar on one of the legs where the adjustment knob screws in. They sent it back all fixed up....then they sent me a bill!

10-Jun-2009, 09:29
I purchased an A-100 that had 2 or 3 cracks in legs as you describe. I took it apart, got some waterproof wood glue and a syringe and needle (18 gauge IIRC - from a local farm supply store.) I was able to get the glue into the crack by gently opening it with some small wedges and sticking the needle in deep. I clamped it up tight, cleaned up the overflow glue, and let it dry for 24 hours. You would not see the repair unless you really looked close.

13-Jun-2009, 15:16
I had this same problem with a brand new Ries that I bought last year. Contacted Ries and they sent a replacement part which I replaced myself.