View Full Version : 6x12 120 back - won't fit! Any alternative suggestions please?

Peter Brown
25-Oct-2001, 15:06
Hi all,

Well, I've had my first disappointment with my Ebony - well not actually with my Ebony, I'm going to blame the terrible design of the Sinar film holder ;-)

Yesterday I went to use my Sinar zoom back and although it felt like it had seated correctly when I tried it a few days ago, I noticed that it actually doesn't push right in and when looking through the lens opening, it is offset and therefore would not be suitable for 6x12, (or 6x9) and I'm also concerned that it would not be light-tight.

The bulge of the right-hand 'roll holder and winding mechanism' pushes hard up against the camera back 'lugs' and it won't allow the back to fit all the way into the camera. This is very disappointing for me as the Sinar zoom is the only roll film back I have. It looks like I'll have to sell it and look for an alternative, which is a shame because the ability to use five different formats with one holder is great

Ebony offer the 4x5>6x9 adapter back and this could be an alternative. It looks like the GG swings out of the way and does not need to be detached (according to the web site). Does anyone know of any other 6x12 backs which are less bulky and which may fit? Is the Sinar zoom 2 the same as the zoom or did they redesign the 'roll holder and winding mechanism' so it's not as bulky.

The Fuji Quickload and Polaroid 545i backs work fine, so I'm looking for a rollfilm holder similar to those designs preferably. I like the push-in holder (like the Quickload) as opposed to the Mamiya style where I would probably have to remove the GG.

Of course I know I can always crop the 4x5, but for economy and convenience, the 120 backs have appeal. I'd like to be able to shoot 6x9 and 6x12 with roll film. Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Peter Brown

Ted Harris
25-Oct-2001, 15:59
Calumet and several others make backs like you have described. You might also want to see if the Horseman rotary back #2 fits. I tfits most cameraas and then allows you to attach a 6x7 or 6x9 back. For studio use it is neat as you dont have to removbe anything to use the ground glass ... jsut rotate the back .. but it is somewhat bulky for the field.


25-Oct-2001, 16:15
I believe the Calumet C2N backs will fit as they are designed to replace normal 4x5 film holders. I also have an Ebony and I'm planning to use one. The 6x12 back is rather expensive, however: I think they're about $800.

Peter Brown
25-Oct-2001, 18:32
Thanks Ted / Arthur

Is the Calumet C2N from another manufacturer, like they do with some lenses, just branded "Calumet"? If it is of good quality then this could be a serious option.

Arthur, $800 is not expensive compared to the cost of the Sinar! - I can assure you ;-)



Oren Grad
25-Oct-2001, 18:51
Peter -

Don't give up just yet. My Sinar Panorama 6x12 holder has slots on the upper and lower edges that allow it to be mounted using the slide clips on any 4x5 Graflok-type back. (You remove the ground glass frame, and lock the rollholder in place with the slide clips.) Your Zoom holder should have these slots as well. If the back on your Ebony doesn't have Graflok fittings, you should be able to get one from Ebony that does.

Oren Grad
25-Oct-2001, 18:57
Peter -

Oops, I see that you really want a slide-in holder. Well, you might want to re-think that. The only other slide-in 6x12 holder is the Cambo/Calumet holder, and having once owned a 6x7 Calumet C2N, I consider it much inferior to the Sinar.

In 6x9, in addition to the Cambo/Calumet, Toyo and Wista also make slide-in 6x9 holders, but the back has to be able to open very wide to be able to accommodate the thickness of these holders. Many 4x5 backs can't do it.

Walter Glover
25-Oct-2001, 19:50

You might actually find that the culprit is the light-baffle ridge on the Zoom that seats into the channel on the universal back. Try jiggling and pushing the Zoom forward to drive it home. You will feel a slight difference when it is right.

Good luck ... WG

Richard Stum / Kinesis
25-Oct-2001, 20:29
I have posted some information about problems with Calumet roll film backs. Visi t this link on my site http://www.kinesisgear.com/opinion.html

Peter Brown
25-Oct-2001, 21:26

Thanks for that suggestion (my back also has the slots on the upper and lower edges) I'll give it a try.


I'll also look at this too, but I am reluctant to apply too much pressure. As it is the back seems to place a lot of strain on the back, certainly not as easy as the Quickload. Of course it worked fine with the Sinar I had and for which it was designed.


Thanks for the link - I'll check it out.

Kind regards


Peter Brown
26-Oct-2001, 01:13

Thanks for the suggestion about removing the GG, which was also suggested to me by Paul Owen who uses his Horseman backs like this on his Ebony SW. It's a bit annoying to have to remove the GG but it's fairly easy on the Ebony. It fits and works fine with this method, so for now that's probably my best option.

Kind regards


Paul Schilliger
28-Oct-2001, 05:12
The Calumet back is made by Cambo, a dutch company. I have had one and it broke after a year of use. Seems that it is mechanically not built to endure long term use. Sinar has the only ot her insert type 6x12 back on the market. But be aware, if anyone wants to purchase a new one, that the new models (i.e. Zoom2) have no longer the slots for the Graflock mechanisms.

Peter, I know this will sound an outrage to the beautifully crafted Ebony you ow n, but if you really want to have your Sinar back work the way it should work, that is fast and easy, you should consider diminishing the wood flap in order to give place to the rollfilm back. If I understand it right, it t ouches the film compartment of the Sinar before the back is fully inserted. I don't know by how much, but I know th e same problem exists with the Wista Field metall backs. Working on the Ebony wooden back would probably not be too difficult and if made by a cautious ebenist, should not be detrimental to the good looking aspect of the camera. But no need to say, this is just speculations for I have not seen the problem in person. And it is c ertainly somehow a heartbreaking decision!

Jim Bancroft
28-Oct-2001, 21:13
Hi- I use the Sinar panoramic 612 holder under the GG and also slide the graflock slides into the grooves on the holder to hold it firmly in place. If the graflock slides can be engaged you know the back is properly seated.