View Full Version : Carrying the Ebony 45SU

Greg Liscio
7-Jun-2009, 15:47
Are there special considerations for putting the Ebony 45SU in a backpack or other outdoor case because it is not a folder?

SW Rick
7-Jun-2009, 15:59
One way might be to get a case from photobackpacker.com (great to deal with, top quality and service). They list a 4x5 case which holds the 45SU. That then goes in your backpack or ...

7-Jun-2009, 17:11

I keep my 45SU in a Gnass Camera case, and then in a backpack with the lenses. It is a beautiful camera!

Kind regards,

7-Jun-2009, 17:30
Ditto on the Photogackpacker case. I have one for my Shen Hao and have carried it around in a day pack and carry bag and it works great!

7-Jun-2009, 17:43
I keep mine in a photobackpacker case, I have the whole photobackpacker system. It fits in the case snugly, but stays put, and is well protected. I can even store it with a lens (depending on the size of the lens, of course).

Paul O
8-Jun-2009, 00:18
Tried the PhotoBackpacker case but returned to the padded wrap (Domke) for my 45SU!

Martin Aislabie
8-Jun-2009, 07:02
I have a Lowepro backpack (Photo Trekker - I think)

I have used the supplied wall deviders to make a foam cell in which I place my 45S - and it seems to work fine.

I always use the metal ground glass cover and both Lens caps when carrying the camera in the back pack.

The Ebony Non-Folders pack up into a reasonably small package that is not much bigger than a Folder.

I have never had any concerns about how well the Camera is protected.


8-Jun-2009, 12:15
My 45SU lives in the bottom of a Pro Trekker. If the bag is lying down, the ground glass protecter side rests against the bottom of the bag. I then put my BlackJacket (in black bag) on top of the camera. Loads of room and very safe..