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6-Jun-2009, 14:47
Ok, I've used a roll film back just once so far (a Horseman, and it seemed to work fine) but I'm already tired of the compose, focus, off with the GG, install the RFH, shoot, off-with-the-RFH, on with the GG, compose, focus, off with the GG, ad infinitum thing.

Is there a "universal" sliding back with it's own GG that fits in place of the usual GG and allows doing everything without all this swapping back and forth? I've seen Wista sliding backs at B&H (expensive), but they apparently only fit Wista cameras and RFH's. Is there a generic model that will fit my Super Speed Graphic that also doesn't cost an arm and two legs?

Or maybe I need to investigate some sort of stitching back to fit my Nikon D200 body.

6-Jun-2009, 15:26
Check out the accessories for Horseman in the KEH.com site. I think they have had a specific rotating roll film back for Horseman cameras at what looks to be very affordable prices. Looks like they would take any roll back like those for the RB's or Graflexes. I've been thinking about adapting one for my Cambo SCX.

6-Jun-2009, 16:36
Thanks, lenser, looks like that's what I need, but I'll have to get rid of my current 4x5 Horseman back and get a standard 6x7 or 6x9 roll film back for it. Not a problem.

Bob Salomon
6-Jun-2009, 17:02
The Linhof sliding backs for their M679 system can be adapted to work on different cameras, including Sinar. So it should work on yours. But it makes the Wista one a bargin.

9-Jun-2009, 12:18
I bought the Toyo version (used for about $400) which came with the sliding gg back, Chimney Magnifier for the gg, 6x9 roll back.
The built-in automatic darkslide for the 6x9 back is very cool - moves out of the way when you shift it over - one less thing to fiddle with. Works great - horizontally or vertically. Very convenient, very fast.

The original unit was mounted on a Toyo sized board, but I took a spare Horseman metal lenseboard and cut a matching hole and transferred the whole unit to that.

If you're handy - don't hesitate to buy a non-Sinar or Horseman back - just graft it onto a compatible board to suit your camera.

26-Jul-2009, 13:02
I had the same grief until I got a Horseman Rotary Back for my Super Speed. It works just great, rotation is smooth and easy, and it's 100% light tight. Now shooting eight quick 6x9's with a roll of 120 is easy.

Be careful and don't get the wrong one, I believe Horseman made three types, only one of which fits a standard International back. The others are specifically for particular models of cameras. I'm 99.99% sure it's the "Type 2" you want for a Graflock back.

See Page 137 of this for at least some info: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/FrameWork/Product_Resources/SourceBookProPhoto/Section03aLgFormatField.pdf

I haven't see a need yet for the 25mm spacer they talk about, but then all the stuff I've shot so far with this back has been at less than infnity focusing distance, and all have been sharp as a tack. If I'm doing landscapes it would almost always be with a standard 4x5 film holder anyway. Besides, I don't use the infinity locks or the rangefinder on my camera, I do ground glass only.