View Full Version : 3.25x4.25 HP5 Plus

Oren Grad
4-Jun-2009, 21:06
For all us quarter-plate fans, Simon Galley of Harman Technology has just announced over at APUG that HP5 Plus in 3.25x4.25" size has been added to the list of products available under this year's Ilford special size sheet film program, open for orders right now.

Mark Sampson
5-Jun-2009, 04:47
That makes a 3x4 Graflex a much more appealing proposition. Now, who's got one for sale? Oops, price just went up...

Tintype Bob
5-Jun-2009, 09:54
I do camera in good shape but lens needs work

5-Jun-2009, 11:59
Great! How do I go about ordering some?

Sal Santamaura
5-Jun-2009, 13:52
Great! How do I go about ordering some?


5-Jun-2009, 17:50
Thanks, Sal. You are a shining light, as always.

Wayne Crider
5-Jun-2009, 18:01
The order numbers are for 9x12cm film not 3.25x4.25. I thought the sizes were different? I know my Graflex holders won't fit the larger film. I also read the thread twice and there is no mention of any 3x4 from Simon.

Colin Graham
5-Jun-2009, 18:28
Try this thread for the new sizes-http://www.apug.org/forums/forum172/62881-new-ulf-sizes-harman.html