View Full Version : Print washer recommendation

bob moulton
22-Oct-2001, 22:39
Can someone suggest a brand of print washer suitable for use in a college darkr oom? I am in the process of replacing two old, rather used Arkay washers. Maximu m size prints 8x10. Larger prints are tray washed using siphon. About 75-90 stu dents per semester. Thanks in advance. Bob

Sal Santamaura
23-Oct-2001, 12:14
11x14 Summitek Cascade washer. It requires very low water flow and will permit students to add prints downstream without contaminating those already in the washer. I'm extremely pleased with mine; no connection with the company except as a customer.

David E. Rose
23-Oct-2001, 14:03
Take a look at the EcoWash line from Oriental/Cachet. I have the 8- 1/2" x 11" model and really like it. They are available from B&H for about $300. It is a very simple design that has a small footprint and is very efficient with wash water. It also allows the addition of downstream prints.

William Marderness
23-Oct-2001, 15:08
I use the Jobo Nova 8x10 washer. It costs $100. I am happy with it.

paul owen
23-Oct-2001, 15:29
Bob, Check out the Nova range of washers. I'm very pleased with the archival washer (16x20). Regards Paul