View Full Version : Cambo 8x10 shifting problem

3-Jun-2009, 06:50
hi all i have a cambo legend 8x10 that will not shift using the knobs the gears are not stripped they just dont seem to be meshing correctly, i can move it with my hand a little ways then the knob will work then it dont work. strange, any ideas? thanks

Gary Beasley
3-Jun-2009, 07:21
It does sound like the gear on the knob has lost a few teeth. How easy would it be to disassemble it to look at the problem?

3-Jun-2009, 07:25
This is something for a repairman I am afraid.
The camera probable needs a CLA (Clean, Lub and Adjust)

Grease thickens as time passes, so it will need to be cleaned of the old grease and new grease (lithium based is prefered) will need to be applied.
After that one has to see if the standard needs any adjustment.

Never try to do it yourself using salad oil !
After a month or so that will become resin so hard and cleaning it takes time and $$$$.


3-Jun-2009, 13:47
Thanks guys. I wonder how much a cla would cost? Any recommendations on a good tech? Thanks

Tracy Storer
3-Jun-2009, 14:51
1 800 Calumet. Ask for repair.
They'll have parts if needed as well.