View Full Version : Lee w/a adapter on Schneider SS 110 XL

michael waldron
13-Sep-2001, 14:07

I am planning to buy a Schneider SS 110 XL, which has a 67mm thread according the the forum (although the Schneider pdf file says 95mm). I currently have a Lee 67 w/a adapter for Hassy SWC and wanted to know if anyone had used the combination. If so

1) does the lee ring fit?

2) does it vignette?


Michael Waldron

Al Seyle
13-Sep-2001, 16:36
FWIW, I recently purchased the 110XL and was told that the Lee 67WA adaptor was necessary to avoid vignetting.

Diego Rigatti
13-Sep-2001, 18:11
I bought the Lee 67 WA ring adapter for my 110 XL in August and I have taken about 100 photos using it, with apertures between 11 and 32 without any problem or vignetting.



Bill Glickman
14-Sep-2001, 03:13
To be safe you can always use a step up ring to 95mm, or better yet, have SK Grimes custom make you one that flares out, his prices are less than Lee's.

Richard Stum / Kinesis
21-Sep-2001, 01:41
Bill, the step-up ring may still vignette because of the thickness of two rings. I have the Lee system, but NOT the special WA adapters. I have found with the regular adapters and super wide angles some vignetting occurs.