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2-Jun-2009, 22:58
I found an old stash of exposed film that had gone missing following a move that halted construction of the darkroom necessary to process the negatives. The film was exposed in 1995, and for years I've been looking at the Polaroid test prints with considerable regret. But I found the box that contains 21 of those sheets.

I no longer have any capability for processing them myself. They are FP4, 4x5, which I had customarily process in HC-110, Dilution B, for five minutes (N development). It's been 14 years, and the negatives have nearly always been in a temperature range of 60-80F.

Any ideas on where I might send these? I'm looking for either a lab that really knows this stuff and can advise me, or enough good advice to send to a lab that will follow instructions. I'm in northern Virginia, but I'm just as happy to mail it off.

(Images are from deep in the Maze District of Canyonlands--where I am unlikely to ever go again.)

Rick "who has also misplaced his big notebook of sleeved 4x5 negatives, but it'll turn up" Denney

3-Jun-2009, 03:35

While I've never had to have this degree of custom processing; I use Alliedphotocolor.com out of St. Louis and have found them capable of some very good work on black and white and color. Easy folks to communicate with and quick turn around.

Good luck.


3-Jun-2009, 04:18
sorry. i am of no help regarding the lab. but IMO they are not too old....i bet they will develop with out too much hassle.

if you get into a jam, i will do them for you. i will need to know exactly how you want me to develop them....but i can do them if you need.