View Full Version : J&W in Raleigh botched my film

2-Jun-2009, 13:42
They completely botched 2 rolls of Velvia 50 and 2 of Provis 400X, they're overfeveloped and discolored. They even admitted it was their own mistake, but god forbid they should offer me a refund or even an apology.

Kills me, this was film from a once in a lifetime trip to my family's hometown in Hungary.

To hell with them, does anyone know of a better lab in the area?

2-Jun-2009, 14:10
Not in your immediate area, but I've been very happy with Alliedphotocolor.com in St. Louis. Very prompt, even with shipping.

2-Jun-2009, 15:08
Also not in your area, but I've had "good luck" with Dale's photo lab in Hollywood, Florida.
Every time something has been screwed up, they have offered a full refund in credit. To be fair, All of said screw-ups have been mine, so I can't say with certainty that they're good or that they'll do the same in a situation such as yours, but they seem nice. :-)
they cover shipping to them as well.

Tom Schaefer
2-Jun-2009, 15:13
I send my velvia to Photo Craft in Boulder, Colorado Call there number and talk
to John Botkin
Web address pcraft.com

They are along way from Miami but worth the effort


Nathan Potter
2-Jun-2009, 15:56
On recommendation of many here I've just sent a batch of 4X5 test chromes to Edgar Praus Productions in Rochester NY. We'll see.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Jim Michael
2-Jun-2009, 16:02
Also take a look at this thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=45829). A recommendation is no guarantee unfortunately.

2-Jun-2009, 16:08
ive heard good things about photo craft

if u need a good lab to mail to and $$$ is no object, dugalle in nyc is the best of the best.

2-Jun-2009, 17:07
REAL photographers develop their own film.

Greg Lockrey
2-Jun-2009, 19:52
REAL photographers develop their own film.

No they don't... they have their assistants do it. :)

4-Jun-2009, 21:07
No they don't... they have their assistants do it. :)

either way, It looks like I'm just a fraud :-P
At least in color....

Mike Tuomey
6-Jun-2009, 04:06
Paul, I am very sorry for your lost work, especially as it related to something so close to the heart.

As Nathan mentioned I believe Praus has an excellent reputation.