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andrea bosio
2-Jun-2009, 08:05
Hi....i'm new here..
hope to have fun..

Id like to buy a new lens for my Toyo vx125... a wide angle lens for architecture and urban photography...

I d like to understand the real difference between the 3 lenses from Schneider...47-58 and 90mm Xl series...

I red some informations about tham and they say something about the angle of coverage...is it the same of the angle of view?...or is it about the
image projection on the film?...Because it is the same for the 58 and the 90

just to understand.. id like to know the angle of view of tham... may be compared with the 35mm format...or the focal lenght..


Aender Brepsom
2-Jun-2009, 08:42
Hi Andrea,

welcome to the forum.

Here is a comparison chart for focal lengths:

So, compared to 35mm film, your 3 lenses would equal 14mm - 17mm and 27mm on 4x5".

The 47XL and the 58XL only allow limited movements on 4x5, since their image circle is only a bit larger than the diagonal of 4x5 film, while the 90mm XL offers a very large image circle, thus allowing lots of movements on 4x5.

Here is a list of LF lenses:

It is not complete, but very helpful.

One last thing to consider is that the aspect ratio of 4x5 film (4:5) is not the same as 35mm film, so exact comparisons are not possible. 6x9cm has the same 3:2 aspect ratio as 35mm film.

Lachlan 717
2-Jun-2009, 15:40

Also consider their 72mm XL. Not too wide and heaps of movement.

It's a bit of a standard for Architectural photographers...

Also search this site for comments on the need (or lack thereof) for centre filters for these lenses. It is another (reasonably significany) finacial consideration.


2-Jun-2009, 19:33
I have both the 58XL and 72XL and love them.
I rented a 47XL 10 years ago but didn't like it: too wide for the object I had to photograph, nowadays I might look at it diferently, being used to a 14mm on 35mm...

Both the 47XL and 58XL have very limited movements, the 72XL has more than many field camera's can handle.

With both the 47XL and 58XL you will have to put both standards on one end of the monorail as you will have very little room between the stands, you will need a bag-bellows aswell.