View Full Version : Large Format Printing

dan nguyen
22-Oct-2001, 15:33
Hello all... time to time I see a question about large format printing... this not a question, I want to contribute this site to whoever interested....I have n o affiliation with them... but visit their shop few years ago... it's in califor nia Los Angeles area.. here it is... http://www.nasheditions.com/

james mickelson
22-Oct-2001, 19:17
Nasheditions is a full service printing bussiness started by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame. They are a superb outfit to work with. If you need help with any printing job give them a try. They are expensive. James

David Richhart
22-Oct-2001, 21:21
Just for the record... Grahm Nash is also a collector of photographic prints. From the bits of information I have stumbled across I would assume that he is VERY serious about photography...