View Full Version : Prontor SVS Shutter literally Brand New!

Lee Christopher
30-May-2009, 13:05
Not exactly sure where to put this (or if this information is welcome; please let me know), but I chanced across this listing for a Prontor SVS Shutter Copal #0 110B 4x5 and thought someone here might be interested.

It looks virtually brand new (to my inexperienced eye)!

ebay 180361501899

I am not the seller or connected to the seller in anyway. Just sharing in case it might be useful to someone here. :)


Lee Christopher
31-May-2009, 09:17
Just curious - was this information helpful to anyone, or welcome here?

Wanting to know in case I come across any other 'interesting' or 'attractive' (to my newbie mind).

31-May-2009, 10:15
I think of bidding on it, so YES it is helpfull to me anyway, thanks for posting.

The thing is, that on ebay there are thousands of interesting items for us an posting all of it here would be a tad too much..........


Lee Christopher
31-May-2009, 10:41
Glad it was helpful to you.

Yeah, I see your point.

OK, I won't post anymore ebay finds. Don't want to clutter up the forum.

31-May-2009, 10:55
OK, I won't post anymore ebay finds.

Unless there is some exotic value to it (see the recent posting on the liquid lens…) ;)