View Full Version : Sinar P&F's film holder, different?

29-May-2009, 19:32
I want to give a 8x10 view camera and see some of them in ebay. But the film holder of sinar P and F are different. The auctions do not include film holder and len board so I am afraid of having one because I have to find the accessories, much more difficult.

Everyone give me some idea!
Best regards,
Xuan Truong

Drew Wiley
29-May-2009, 19:55
Sinar cameras accept all conventional sheet film holders and rollfilm backs. They also make a few types of precision specialty holders, but these can be used on other
brands of cameras as well.

30-May-2009, 06:59
Thank Wiley very much!

Gene McCluney
30-May-2009, 12:03
Sinar lensboards are also very common and easy to obtain. There are quite a few makers of Sinar size lensboards.