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29-May-2009, 14:35
ok..I guess this is a senior moment!!! on lens boards, what is the numbers #1, #0, # 3
etc mean????

Thank you


29-May-2009, 14:40
They refer to the diameter of the hole as matches the shutter of the lens you are using on that board such as Copal 0,1,2 etc.

29-May-2009, 20:30
They refer to the shutter size. A #0 nominally requires a 34mm hole, #1 is 42, and #3 is 65, as I recall. Most lens boards these days come in these sizes, though there were many alternatives to these in days past. Compur and Copal 0, 1 and 3 shutters use the same size holes. The holes will vary a bit based probably on the lip size of the specific retainer for which they were drilled--could be as much as a millimeter or two different.

Rick "who just made a board for an Ilex #4 and a Compur #2, and made use of a nifty #00 to #0 adapter from S. K. Grimes" Denney

Colin Corneau
2-Jun-2009, 20:43
To attach a lens to a board, do you simply unscrew the lens in half, assemble it over the board, and screw it back together?

2-Jun-2009, 21:58
You need to srew-off the back lens, put the shutter with the front lens into the board and screw tight and put the back lens again in the shutter.

It is that easy.


3-Jun-2009, 07:24
To attach a lens to a board, do you simply unscrew the lens in half, assemble it over the board, and screw it back together?

Just to be as explicit as possible--you need to remove the rear cell (if your fingers are not enough--something's wrong), remove the retaining ring from the back of the shutter, insert the rear of the shutter into the board, reinstall the retaining ring, tighten with a lens spanner, and then reinstall the rear cell. Make sure the retaining ring is seated in the hole. It usually has a lip that goes down into the hole tight up against the shutter's mounting threads. That lip needs to be in the hole uniformly all the way around. The notches on the retaining ring are where the spanner goes to grip the ring.

Rick "recognizing the fear of unscrewing lens cells" Denney

Santo Roman
3-Jun-2009, 22:39
If you are looking for a spanner, Badger Photo has a few nice ones.


Lee Christopher
7-Jun-2009, 09:38
Here's what I found.

What I like about it it that it has corresponding lens hole measurements for different kinds of shutters - useful when looking at getting lenses fitted with anything other than Copal shutters.


Hope it helps.