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29-May-2009, 13:18
I own and use a Shen Hao HZX45-IIA. I like the camera, but using a roll film back is a little annoying. Removing and refitting the ground glass and it's frame is cumbersome and risky. I once lost it, luckily on a grass covered field. I could use three hands when trying to lift the springs on both sides, and simultaneously slide the ground glass frame out and prevent it from falling.

The TZ45 seems to have a much more user friendly back. A pleasing thought would be to have a TZ type back on my HZX. Are the two cameras the same size, and do the TZ backs fit the HZX? Are loose backs available, and if so, from where and at which cost?

Best wishes to you all!
Svein Lindberg

Turner Reich
29-May-2009, 13:34
I don't know but I'm with you on the Hzx45 back. the spring setup is poor. The graflock type slide clips don't work with my 4x5 Grafmatic holders, period. They won't slide in, they were installed incorrectly. Putting one in under the gg is going to bend or break the springs so I can't use the Grafmatic holders with the camera. It's a poor camera back and poor camera back design.

29-May-2009, 14:52
I have no experience with the Grafmatic holders, but my Fuji Quick Change doesn't lock properly to the back, either. The sliders seem to not enter the grooves along the film holder sides properly. The Quick Change must not be confused with Readyloads or other systems of enveloped single sheets of film. It holds 8 sheets of film with septums, much like the better known and far more widespread Grafmatics. The unit locks to the back of my Linhof without any fuzz.

I use a Horseman roll film back. With it the graflok sliders of the Shen Hao enter all the way in, but they fail to clamp down the film holder properly, so it wobbles. Two pieces of cardboard on the back side of the Horseman add a little thickness, and solve the problem surprisingly well, although they don't look so good. But then again, noone were bothered so far.


29-May-2009, 15:48
contact badgergraphic.com, they have these cameras on hand and are very friendly.

14-Jun-2009, 10:20
I wrote to Badger and had a couple of e-mails crossing the Atlantic (or did they go the somewhat longer route over the Pacific?). Jeff .... wrote:

"The current version of the HXZ has the exact same style Graflock back as the TZ."

The next e-mail indicated that the backs were not interchangeable after all. Maybe he meant that accessories like roll film backs are attached in the same way.

"Hello, The TZ back will not fit on the HZX. The replacement HZX back is $295."

He also told me that the adapter for roll film holders for the Mamiya RB67 is not imported to the USA, at least not by Badger.

So now you all know what I know ....

Have a nice summer! The good thing about midnight sun is that I won't be tempted for several weeks to photograph sunsets...:)

14-Jun-2009, 13:09
If you live in Norway, there is an adress closer by:
www.robertwhite.co.uk (http://www.robertwhite.co.uk) they are located in the UK and sell Shen Hao.