View Full Version : Red Dot Artar Coverage?

Bill Haley
11-Sep-2001, 10:51

Will a red dot artar cover 16x20 in the 14" & 19" versions?

Much thanks.

N Dhananjay
11-Sep-2001, 19:11
Unlikely. The Artars have process lens characteristics. They are very sharp but coverage is limited to about 45 degrees or so. So you would need a focal length of at least the diagonal, preferably longer, to cover a format. So for your 16x10, I would look at something in the region of 28 inches or so. DJ

Robert A. Zeichner
11-Sep-2001, 19:27
A 14" Artar has a plate diagonal of 11.9" at infinity. The 19" is 16.1" These are both too limited in their coverage for 16x20. The diagonal of a 16x20 negative is approx. 25.6" Hope this helps.

Bill Haley
12-Sep-2001, 09:51
Thanks for the info,

I get a bit confused when trying to determine coverage what will, what doesn't, etc.

Can anyone give me a list of a few lenses, old or new that would cover 16x20? There is no need far large amounts of movement for the purpose I have in mind.

Dagors? Fuji? Nikkor?

Thanks so much again.

N Dhananjay
12-Sep-2001, 12:48
This page might provide you with some useful information. Dagors and WA dagors would probably be your best bet. They have good coverage and were made in longer focal lengths as well. Presuming you had enough bellows, you could look at longer process lenses like the Artars. http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/Alt_cameras/large%20format% 20lenses.htm

Robert A. Zeichner
13-Sep-2001, 08:13
A 35" Apo Artar has a diagonal plate dimension of 25.5", about .1" short of just covering at infinity. The 42", 47.5" and 70" will adequately cover 16x20. As previously mentioned, the Dagors might be a better bet.