View Full Version : Lenses for Graflex Super D

20-Oct-2001, 13:22
I have a Graflex Super D with a 190 mm lens. I'd like to know what other lenses were available for this camera. What longer Graflex lenses would be good for por trature without modification to the camera?

20-Oct-2001, 15:45
The 10" and 15" Tele-Optar (Raptar) lenses were both available. The 10" is quite suitable for portraits; it is the focal length used by Edward Weston on his Graflex. The 15" has a minimum focusing distance of about 20 feet. The aperture scale on the 10" is nearly impossible to see on the Super D. You may prefer to use the 190mm with semi-auto diaphragm.

J. P. Mose
20-Nov-2001, 16:59
Lens and Repro in NYC could probably provide you with some good advice on additional lenses other than Graflex lens. Like the other post stated, the only lenses listed for the 4 X 5 are the 190mm, 10" and 15". Look at Lens and Repro's website - www.lensrepro.com/index.html or give them a call for suggestions. Also, the Graflex website has a help site for questions and answers www.graflex.org. Good luck.

J. P. Mose