View Full Version : Changing back-type on a Burke & James 4x5 Orbit?

28-May-2009, 01:40
Hi all,

As the title says, i have a Burke & James 4x5 Orbit camera and it has the original swivling spring-loaded back. Now i would love to shoot polaroid with this camera but the 550 and the 405 backs are too thick so i would need to remove the ground glass for them to fit.

So i now wonder if it would be perhaps "easier" to change the back for a different type, say a Graflok or such which will work with the polaroid packs better? And if so, what type of back should i get that will fit one of these?

Or should i look for a new camera all together? (Anyone got one they want to get rid of? :D

Ernest Purdum
28-May-2009, 19:49
As I recall, Calumet did some detail design changes on the backs of their "Orbit" equivalents to make them accept thicker holders. They made the newer springs and whatever else to owners of their older cameras.

You might check with them to see if the parts are still available. They are quite good about support of older products.

28-May-2009, 22:41
Thanx Ernest. Thats a good tip. I actually found a Calumet 4x5 (ie. the one that at least looks identical to the Orbit ;) on a online auction yesterday which i bid on. So maybe if that comes through i could also use that.

Thanx for the tip.

W K Longcor
29-May-2009, 07:23
Ernest is correct about the Calumet. I "updated" my Kodak Master 4x5 quite a few years back by changing the ground glass, frame, bail, and springs to Calumet parts. Most all holders fit now -- Polaroid sheet, pack, Calumet roll back, and grafmatics. If Calumet still has the parts, it is a good move -- even if you get the other Calumet camera.