View Full Version : Older ARCA F-line?

27-May-2009, 12:22
Can anyone tell me if this is an older style of F-line?
Anything I should be aware of to check before I buy it?

I need it for macro-photography...

Doug Dolde
27-May-2009, 12:25
It looks like it has the older 171mm standards (ie uses big 171mm lensboards) but that's not a big handicap. You should be able to get the adapter for smaller lensboards if you want.

27-May-2009, 12:32

I'm particularly reffering to carrier [front]. As you can see, it has a knob instead of a clip. Never saw that before.

27-May-2009, 12:38
If you are referring to the knob-type lens board holder mechanism, I can vouch for the older 6x9 AS I have that has them. My 6x9 also uses an older style lens board (beveled edge), but other than that, it operates the same as my newer 4x5 Field Classic.


27-May-2009, 12:54
That is the Basic carrier, and I've only seen it on the Discovery line. The comparison pic is from the Precision Camera (http://precisioncameraworks.com/Pages/arca_core.html) site.

Doug Dolde
27-May-2009, 12:57
Oh you mean no duckbill. I've never seen that either.

27-May-2009, 13:00
And it has the newer thick rail....

27-May-2009, 13:21
Thanks, I'm gonna probably use this one for extending bellows on my 80 cm rail. I'm hoping this one has 30cm rail for carrier, then I can got up to 130cm!!!

Not bad. All I need some good macro lens.

27-May-2009, 13:58
That's the one I've got on mine,
and it isn't a Discovery.

As has been mentioned, it's an F Basic-

28-May-2009, 13:24
$899,- Going once....Going Twice...Bump...Sold to me. :D