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Rob Plato
27-May-2009, 12:17
Firstly I'm happy to be a new member on this site and am looking forward to getting back into large format. I've puchased a Tachihara 45gf and a 75mm super-angulon 5.6. copal 0 with no lens board. It sounds like a can use any linholf-tek size flat board but don't yet have one and figured I'd get a recessed board to make use of as many movements I can on the camera. What size recessed board is recomended 12mm O.K ? Can it be an off-center hole? See these links to see the lens and board I am thinking of using with it on my Tachi. Also, any advice on packet film would be appreciated. I'd like to shoot mostly kodak and fuji and gather that a polaroid holder will do for all three ? Sounds like scary territory what with light leaks etc. as I am familiar with using the old dark slide systems but I guess there's alot of opinion on the cost vs convenience and so on behind that. thanks in advance for your help. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=280343101996


Paul O
28-May-2009, 00:46
A recessed board will give you the extra room for movement BUT ...
I found that the "Chinese" made panels can be slightly problematic: in as much as once the lens is mounted there is very little room for the controls to be operated - in fact I had difficulty attaching the lens because the aperture control tab was interfering with the walls of the recessed section. You will also (probably) need a cable release adapter or a VERY flexible cable release to operate the shutter. These panels would be perfect if the recessed section was a few mms wider diameter?

28-May-2009, 03:51
When you compare the chinese panels with the Linhof ones, I would go for Linhof any time.

I have 3 of them: for my 58XL, the 75 SA and the 150.
When you use the cable release adapter from Linhof you will have no problems with your cable release at all.


Rob Plato
29-May-2009, 10:31
O.K. How deep a recesse is recomended for that lens? I notice they come in various depths.

Rob Plato
29-May-2009, 10:36
Also does anyone know if it requires an off center hole or if this will not work ?

29-May-2009, 12:18
With the off center hole you will have more room to see and manupulate the controls on top of the shutter, like the aperture and so on.

I don't know how deep the boards from Linhof are: they are in Holland....


Rob Plato
29-May-2009, 16:55
Thanks for your help, I'll give it a try with a 12mm recessed board and offcenter hole same board as link in the top of this page.

31-May-2009, 03:27
I'm a bit late but... I'm using a Tachihara and a 75 on a flat board and find I've got as much movements as I need.

I'm doing mostly landscapes

31-May-2009, 04:52
If you decide on a recessed board, I have a Linhof board which originally had a 75mm Super Angulon on it. All hardware is there. You can contact me privately if interested.